Love Letter - Practice Gratitude


When was the last time you said “I am grateful for ...”? It is really easy to wake up and go about your day without realizing how lucky you truly are. It is really easy to go days without talking to your family or close friends and forget how lucky you are to still have them in your life. It is really easy to go days without going to the gym and realize how lucky you are that you still have the ability to go to the gym.

We live in a very fast paced world. A lot of times we feel like we are consistently playing catch up or that we are just too behind the curve for what’s going on. Here’s the truth, you’re not. You’re not behind the curve and you don’t have to play catch up. You have the ability to slow things down by simply doing this, live in the moment. One way to live in the moment is to recognize what you are grateful for on a consistent basis. This will keep you grounded and keep you focused instead of getting sucked into “social media” or what the person next to you is doing. That, amongst other things, is what makes it appear as if the world is flying past you.

Take a moment each morning or each evening and write down three things you are grateful for. If you want to start off easier, simply just say it. There is nothing more powerful than a positive mind and consistently reminding yourself of your blessings will keep you in a positive mindset. Once you have established a routine by saying it or writing it in the morning or evening, then try to do it during both times of the day! That’s more time of you speaking more about what you are grateful for.

Never forget that the energy you put out is the energy you receive back. There’s a saying that goes “this is to good to be true”. We’ve probably all said that in our life’s and what are we really saying? That what we should be grateful for is not real. No wonder those great moments go away because we look at it as a negative versus a positive! I completely understand that there is a fine line between being a realist and a optimist just like there is a fine line between being a realist and pessimist. I rather flirt with the line of realist and optimist.

Practice being grateful and I guarantee your life will only become better!


Josh Melendez

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