Neema Tan

Nutrition Coach/Social Coordinator


HSN Nutrition Coach, YogaWorks Hot Core Instructor

About Coach

Like most people growing up, I ate whatever was on the kitchen table (in my case, Indian food) with no regard for what I was actually eating and I also had no interest in being active. I played no sports and could barely run a mile. Slowly but surely, my metabolism started to slow down and all the unhealthy food started to catch up to me. Unfortunately, like a lot of young teen girls, I tried to take control in the worst way possible and obsess over every little thing that I ate. Food wasn't a form of nourishment anymore, it was my enemy. In college, I would obsessively spend hours on the elliptical or treadmill and undernourishing myself. Fast forward a few years to my introduction to CrossFit. CF was extremely empowering and I had never felt so strong and capable, but after some time, I hit a plateau. I would do CF 4x a week and eat what I considered healthy foods at the time, but I was making no strides with my performance. This led me to try Paleo, Keto, juice cleanses, and other fad diets, which through trial and error brought me results, but they were not sustainable for various reasons I know now – lacked a balanced diet, too many restrictions, and unregulated portions.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

My introduction to a well-balanced diet of lean protein, whole carbohydrates, and healthy fats jump-started my performance and brought on mentally and physically positive results. With the overhaul of my nutrition, along with a transformation of my body, I felt healthy, stronger, and faster. I was finally moving the needle by lifting weights and performing CF movements I never thought I could. This awareness seemed so magical like, “Wow!! Where was this knowledge through my whole journey?” It is such a game-changer, not only for your health and livelihood right now, but future you will thank you for reducing the chance of diseases/sicknesses as well. Because of this, I want to impart this awareness to everyone so you all can have that Wow moment too which is why I am truly excited to be one of the nutrition coaches and share our new nutrition program.

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