Coaching Moment: Anything is Possible

Josh Melendez
August 8, 2023
Coaching Moment: Anything is Possible

Literally, you can do anything. 

Watching the CrossFit Games in person was incredible. 

You see so many athletes that look different, different age group, permanent impairments and regardless, they were all out there kicking ass. 

Every single athlete is completing workouts that leave you wondering how is it possible. 

The reality is, they have a team that believes in them and more importantly, they believe in themselves. 

They believe in themselves because they know they did not cut corners. They put in the hard work. What transpires on that floor is a reflection of consistent hard work. 

You can feel the same feeling they do at our gym. Showing up when you don't want to is a form of not cutting corners. Choosing a healthier lunch or going to bed a little earlier is a form of not cutting corners. Not cherry picking a workout is a form of not cutting corners. 

If you do that. If you avoid cutting corners, you will accomplish your goal. You have a team of coaches who believe in you at CrossFit Be Someone and more importantly, your belief in yourself will compound. You will become the person who is willing to work on their goal regardless. 

And you never know, you do this consistently I may end up watching you at the CrossFit Games one day. So many athletes who made it to the CrossFit Games earned their belief in themselves by consistently proving to themselves that they can accomplish anything. That led to a big hairy audacious goal of making it to the CrossFit Games. 


Josh Melendez

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