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CrossFit Gym in Houston, TX

crossFit Be Someone is a world class facility serving locals of houston, tX succeed in their fitness journey


CrossFit Be Someone

CrossFit Be Someone was established on March 6, 2017 in Houston, TX and every decision we make we base it on our purpose, mission, core values, and BHAG. We are here to help people optimize their life by helping them make their own health and fitness a TOP priority in their life.

Purpose: To help people value their life

BHAG: For our athletes to establish a new lifestyle that they share with their friends and family that forever changes futures

Mission: Create the optimal gym where people find health and happiness daily

Core Values: Live Humble. Live Hungry. Live Smart.

Gym Rules:

  1. Say “Hi” to everyone
  2. Leave it better than you found it
  3. Have Fun!

Simply put, our mission is to help you, “Find Health and Happiness.”

After spending time in our facility and with our team we want our members to walk out of our doors after a workout and feel like they are a better version of themselves.

It isn’t the scientific sum of calories, workouts, and weight that keeps our members returning. It is not the cutting-edge equipment and technology. It is the people that count.

Our team cares about guiding and encouraging each and every member to obtain the goals they seek for themselves.

Our members’ goals are specific and if we can assist in that journey to realizing their aspirations then we have truly helped them change their life.


A Team of Professional Coaches That Get Results, Consistently

CrossFit Be Someone

We're here to help and support you!

- Join people just like you

- Feel the benefits of moving again

- Build up your confidence

- Feel positive with your new change

- Break your old habits

- Have an accountability partner

Everything you need to crush your fitness goals

Clean and organized equipment

Weekly Accountability Check-ins

Track Your Progress

Easy Class Scheduling

Build Sustainable Habits

Professional Coaches

Located off I-10 West at exit Shepherd Dr and Durham Dr. We are 2 blocks away from Washington Avenue.

Working out at the gym isn't easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. CrossFit Be Someone is located and easily accessible from all of Houston, TX.

1418 Roy St, Houston, TX 77007
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