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CrossFit Classes in Houston, TX

CrossFit Classes

What to expect in our CrossFit Classes?

A professional coach will lead you through a warm up, workout and cool down. The coach will provide immediate feedback and correct any movement performed by you during the full hour of class. You will workout amongst other athletes who are looking to get fitter and healthier. Working out in a group setting creates a fun environment for everyone.

Workouts can be scaled appropriately to your current fitness capacity. The requirement of each coach who leads class is to ensure every athlete feels comfortable, welcomed, challenged and has fun in class. Through this, athletes are able to get to their individual results.

What is CrossFit?

In it’s true definition CrossFit is “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.” What that means is that everyday you will see different workouts, perform everyday life movements and do it at a relative challenging pace for you.

Good CrossFit is where the coaches are experts in fitness and care about you and your fitness journey, and they invest themselves in helping you reach your goals. CrossFit is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. But, fair warning, once you try CFBS, you may never want to go to “other gyms” again!

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Located off I-10 West at exit Shepherd Dr and Durham Dr. We are 2 blocks away from Washington Avenue.

Working out at the gym isn't easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. CrossFit Be Someone is located and easily accessible from all of Houston, TX.

1418 Roy St, Houston, TX 77007
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