Coaching Moment: Develop a Skill

Josh Melendez
November 15, 2023
Coaching Moment: Develop a Skill

Being able to handstand walk does not make me fitter but developing the skill to handstand walk leads to me developing the fitness I desire.

CrossFit is all about developing and getting uncomfortable. That is what has led to millions of individuals improving their health and fitness. Another way to put it, that is how they have improved their lives.

So what do you get by developing a skill?

You gain stability and strength in either your lower or upper body depending on the movement. You gain a neurological adaptation which means you flex your brain. Those neurological adaptations include coordination, agility, accuracy and balance. Your core strength improves which helps you stabilize your spine even better. You develop the work ethic and discipline to working and developing a skill.

These are the benefits you earn as you work on the skill. This does not even include you actually achieving the skill. I am only referring to the journey to the skill.

Achieving the skill is the bonus but what you earn during the journey is what actually helps you become fitter overall.

So I highly recommend to work on a skill. Talk to your coaches and ask us what you can do. We are here to provide you a road map. All you have to do is follow it and doing so will lead to you improving your fitness.


Josh Melendez

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