Coaching Moment: Your development is up to you

Josh Melendez
July 31, 2023
Coaching Moment: Your development is up to you

At the end of the day, your skill development is up to you. 

In every class, we teach you progressions to the movements we will be doing in class. We inform you on what you can focus on. To continue to develop the skill you desire, you need to practice the progressions or full movement outside of class hour. 

Your coaches are always available for a quick chat or insight on what to do. We will be more than happy to direct you and show you on what to do but we can't do the work for you. It falls on you and only you. 

You have to put in the work consistently. And the reality is this, it does not require much time. One of the main reasons why I have been doing a daily challenge since last year is to demonstrate to all the CFBS athletes that consistently working on a skill for 1-3 minute a day will help you develop or improve the skill you desire.

Some days will feel like you are not progressing, some days will feel like you're going backwards but overall, you will see a difference as long as you are consistent. If you truly wish to develop a certain skill, I challenge you to work on it for 1-3 minutes daily. 

Need help on what to do? Simply come talk to me or one of your coaches and we got you!


Josh Melendez

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