Love Letter - Camaraderie

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - Camaraderie

As I write this love letter this morning I do it with mixed emotions. I just got done coaching Shane and Katie for the last time.

When I bought the gym in 2017 they had left Universal CrossFit already. Upon me buying this gym, I reached out to them to let them know I was the new owner. We had a built a friendship through Universal CrossFit already. They trusted me to come back and that really means the world to me. Trusting me with y’alls health is something I don’t take lightly at all. It’s a great deal of responsibility in it and I take it very serious.

But why is it that I feel sad, somewhat upset (to be real with y’all) and excited for them. It’s simple, the camaraderie we have built in this gym the past few years. It’s not like we hung out every weekend or met up for lunch or went on trips. We simply spend quality time with each other in the gym. We went through the “suck” together during workouts. We learned from each other. We told each other great job after workouts. We talked about strategies for the workout. We talked about how our strategy blew up in our face one minute into the workout. We did partner workouts together where we pushed each other limits and made ourselves learn something new about ourselves. We shared a common interest together. We laughed and joked with each other. We froze together in the winter and shared a fan together during the summer. We simply made each other better.

That is camaraderie y’all! We ALL share this with each other. When I left the Marine Corps, that is what I missed the most. That is also what attracted me the most to CrossFit. I didn’t create camaraderie with the guy checking out his biceps at 24 Hour Fitness. Or the girl taking 17 pictures for Instagram. I found camaraderie amongst y’all because we share some very vulnerable moments with each other and because we bring out the best from each other.

If you wonder why CrossFit is special, look no further than camaraderie.

As I wrap up this weeks Love Letter, I want to again say it’s been an honor and privilege to have coached Shane and Katie. I’m sad because I’m losing great friends, athletes and a coach. For the same reasons I’m upset (selfish reasons lol). But I’m excited for their future. I wish y’all nothing but the best and hope our paths cross once more in the future.


Josh Melendez

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