Love Letter - Look at your vision board and know your why

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - Look at your vision board and know your why

A few months ago we held a Vision Board Seminar at the gym. The purpose of this was to identify your vision in life, what exactly are you looking for and trying to become. Having a vision board is so powerful especially during these types of moments. Also just as powerful is knowing you why, why do you want to be healthy and fit. The two tie together 100%.

Yesterday on my Facebook I asked a question regarding what do you miss the most from the gym. Between the responses to that question and the responses I receive from athletes in my daily text messages, the two most common responses that I have received is athletes need help with accountability and motivation. I get it y’all, I’m with you. I 100% understand why those two are the most common struggles.

In regards to accountability, we will be starting a new program on Monday morning to help out with this. We will need your help in providing us some answers first though. This will all be released to y’all tomorrow (Thursday) morning. You will get the details behind the program and I am very excited about it. This program will definitely help out more with accountability. When it comes to motivation, this is where having a vision board and identifying your why is so important. Why did you first walk into Universal CrossFit (gyms old name) and CrossFit Be Someone? Your why may have changed now so you may need to re-identify it.

Y’all all know my why, my daughter. I want to be healthy and fit so I can play with her and when I’m blessed with grandchildren down the road, I want to play with them. My vision board is right above my TV. Everyday my vision board reminds me what I’m trying to accomplish with my life. Having my vision board created and having my why identified is definitely helping me out during this time. I get the same feelings you all do, so trust me I get it but we need to arm ourselves with these types of tools to combat those feelings.

If you have not created your vision board and/or identified your why, please do so. If you need help with this, I’m just a call away.


Josh Melendez

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