Love Letter - My Story and My Why

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - My Story and My Why

This week marks the beginning of my 4th year of owning CrossFit Be Someone. It was so awesome celebrating 3 years with many of y’all on Saturday and now business must continue. As I start my 4th year, I wanted to re-share with y’all my story and my why. After you read my story and my why, I want you all to think about how far you have come in life and why you continue to pursue the greatest version of yourself.

During my very quick speech on Saturday (I kept it short on purpose lol), I made a statement that “I had no idea what I was getting myself into” on March 6, 2017. Honestly, I really did not. I had no idea what it took to run a business, lead employees, manage many relationships and the amount of sweat equity that it requires. I read about it at Texas A&M while I was in business school but only a small percentage of what I read in those books really prepared me for this. I worked in an Oil and Gas company in the Accounting department but not much of that experience carried over. Go back even further, I led Marines in country and Iraq but leading Marines is completely different then leading employees. Only some of those experiences have helped me. I stood in front of y’all with a great deal of confidence everyday in 2017 but behind close doors, I was lost and scrambling.

A lot happened behind close doors in 2017 to which it led to me leaving the gym for the month of November that year. I was on the brink of selling the gym but I consistently found myself driving back to the gym and hanging out in the gym during off hours. I just knew I could not leave this place, it kept pulling me back. Despite everything I was going though in my personal life, this gym was the place where I would escape and all my problems would go away. It became my therapy and it kept me sane. So when I returned in December of 2017, I returned with a vengeance and fire and I refused for the fire to be put out. I began my quest in owning the greatest gym in the world by chasing excellence in everything I do. I surrounded myself with a team that was willing to help me. I surrounded myself with business mentors. I began to attend multiple courses to further my education. Ever since 2017 I have given this gym every ounce I can give and to this day, still do. Chasing excellence is not easy at all, it is so damn hard. I have fallen off the wagon many times but the moment I do, I get back up and get back on. But the more I chase excellence the more it becomes the norm that’s why I can’t stop. I’m 100% aware that chasing excellence may put me and others in a very uncomfortable position but that is where development and greatness comes from.

Many of you all know my biggest why. 2017 was a huge year for me. I purchased the gym on March 6 and then five days later my daughter was born on March 11. Without her knowing it, Myla has been my biggest driving force and the biggest reason why I didn't quit when I wanted to do it in so many occasions. I always imagined having a conversation with my daughter telling her to chase her dreams and to not give up no matter what. How could I say those words to her if I was to give up on my dreams? How could I be an example to her if I quit when things get hard? Myla keeps my engine going and I want to be the greatest version of myself for her. That includes being the greatest CEO I can be and greatest coach I can be. If I’m not performing at my best in those roles then I’m not performing at my best as the role of a father. I’m a huge believer that there is no line between who you are in every role you find yourself. It all blends together and you are who you are in every role. So if I’m chasing excellence in my role as a father then I’m chasing excellence in everything else. There is no on and off button where I can decide when I want to be at my best or not. If I try to do that then I’m just being inconsistent and that won’t lead me to where I want to go.

We all have a story when it comes to how far you have come in life. Whether that’s your career or fitness or education or anything else, keep writing your story. If you don’t like your story so far, then re-write your story, you’re the author. Stay 100% true to your why and don’t budge for anything. If you know you’re doing the right thing for the right reasons, keep moving forward and keep pursuing what you’re after!


Josh Melendez

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