Love Letter - Reason behind this week

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - Reason behind this week

What is the point of Member Appreciation Week?

It's simple, we would not exist without your support.

We are not a corporate company that was funded by venture capitalist. We are not a publicly traded company that is funded by investors.

We ONLY exist based on the support of our members. That's it. 

You have many choices on where to go for your fitness and/or nutrition. Just around CFBS there countless gyms within 3 miles. Some of you drive miles out of your way to come to us. Some of you fight traffic to get to us. Some of you take the bus (true story). 

Your effort to come to us to support us is recognized. Your effort to wake up at 4am to come to the 5am class is incredible. Your effort to go to work all day and come to the evening classes is remarkable. 

I say all of this because the way you make your health and fitness a priority is NOT the norm. 

We appreciate every single one of you greatly! We thank you so so so much and want you to know that your support means the world to us. 

Enjoy this week and know that each day you walk in, we really are happy to see you. When we don't see you, we really do wonder where you are.


Josh Melendez

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