Love Letter - Reasons behind our Gym Rules

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - Reasons behind our Gym Rules

What are our gym rules?

1) Say "Hi" to everyone 

2) Treat this place like your mommas house

3) Have fun!

When I came up with these gym rules, it was not to just check the box. It was not so I can say we have gym rules. These rules were put in place because I personally believe it can help all of us out in life. Let's dissect the rules. 

Rule #1: Say "Hi" to everyone

We have all been in a position before where we did not know anyone. We have all stepped into a job or school or house and felt completely out of place and possibly alone. How did it feel the moment someone walked up to you and introduced themselves with a smile? How did it feel when someone welcomed you into their circle? We felt so much better. We appreciated it very much. Acknowledging an individual is very meaningful. Even if it's not that big of a deal to you, it can be for them. I truly believe that if you practice this at our gym, not only will it make our CFBS family even tighter, but it will set you apart in your life. People will gravitate to you and appreciate you very much for doing a very simple act. 

Rule #2: Treat this place like your mommas house

What does this really mean, treat the gym with respect. It means treat everyone you come across with respect. Being a respectful person to everyone and everywhere you go is a great thing. We have all seen someone who is not respectful to others or we have witnessed people not being respectful in a setting, it is never a good thing. You have probably experienced being disrespected or have had your own place disrespected. Never be the person who does not display respect. Treat everyone with respect and everywhere you go because it is the right thing. 

Rule #3: Have fun!

We can all agree that life can be very stressful. We can all agree that life will not go as planned. We can all agree that we will be tested a lot. With all of this being said, try to enjoy life as much as you can. At the end of the day, we only get one life. We only get to do this once. When you step into the gym you will be tested, workouts won't go as planned and you will experience a level of stress. Despite all of this, have fun at the gym because you get to workout and move your body. Get use to smiling through all of this at the gym, and you will find yourself smiling more in life. 

Practice our (3) rules daily at the gym so it'll become part of you when you step out of our gym. I've said it many times, we want to help you become the greatest version of yourself as a person not just as an athlete.  


Josh Melendez

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