Love Letter - Reminder of Who CFBS Is

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - Reminder of Who CFBS Is

As we reopen our doors on Monday (May 18th), I just wanted to remind everyone who CrossFit Be Someone is and what we stand for. We are not only trying to build you physically, but also mentally. We are not just trying to help you accomplish your goals within our walls, but also outside the walls. We want you all kicking ass in your 90's so we are playing the long game, not the short game. 

We believe in putting a lot of emphasis on our coaching which means working on the little stuff such as stick drills for barbells and floor work for gymnastics. We believe in establishing mechanics first, showing consistency, and then introducing intensity. We believe that working on your mobility will lead to you becoming stronger and ignoring your mobility will lead to injuries. We believe Nutrition is the foundation of your health and fitness so you will always hear us speak about it. 

You will continue to hear us speak about our core values and principles because we believe that a great mindset will lead to a great person and then athlete. 

Vision Statement

"To be the greatest and most influential gym"

Mission Statement

"To be your home away from home"

Live Humble
•Commit to Radical Transparency
•Never Whine, Complain, Make Excuses
•Develop a Growth Mindset
•Respond, Don’t React
•Celebrate Mistakes 

Live Hungry
•Always Pursue Excellence
•Put First Thing First
•Be Proactive
•Leave it Better than How you Found it
•Treat Small Things as Big Things

Live Smart
•Always Be Communicating
•Make them Feel Special
•Create a Sense of Belonging
•Never Break a Promise
•Tactful Conflict Resolution


Josh Melendez

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