Coaching Moment: Asking for your help in 2024

Josh Melendez
December 26, 2023
Coaching Moment: Asking for your help in 2024

What happens inside of the walls of CrossFit Be Someone, we either create or we tolerate.

And it starts with me.

One of my main responsibilities as the owner of CrossFit Be Someone is to protect and teach our culture.

Make no mistake about it, a culture will be created inside of our walls whether I speak about it or not.

If I don't speak about it then a culture will form that I may not like at all. And I'm here to tell you, I am not going to own a business that I don't feel comfortable with or don't believe in.

I believe in humble, hungry and people smart individuals. I believe in saying "Hi" to everyone and leaving any place I go to better than I found it. I believe in having fun in life. This is CrossFit Be Someone.

Our values and our gym rules guide us to achieving our purpose and our mission for the gym. It builds our culture which is meant to be welcoming, fun, encouraging, and transformative.

But I can't do this alone. And I can't just do it with the help of my team.

The way our culture takes off and it is felt by everyone is by everyone living our values and following our gym rules. And yes, this is speaking to our members.  

I've been to CrossFit gyms where the moment I walked in, it just felt special. I could not put my finger on it because it was nothing that was tangible. It was purely intangible. Meaning, everyone inside of that gym invested into the culture by actively living it and speaking it. The fact that everyone was actively building the culture, the members made it feel special because everyone was on the same page. I didn't know who the coach was simply because I was told welcome and asked if I needed help multiple times before the coach even got to me. Members were beating the coaches to the punch!

In 2024, this is what I am asking for help with from everyone who is a member at CrossFit Be Someone. Help me and my team build a special place. Let's all live humble, hungry and people smart. Let's all say "Hi" to each other and especially to our new members. Let's all make sure we are leaving the gym better than we found it. And most importantly, let's all have fun in life!


Josh Melendez

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