Love Letter - Prioritizing your Health and Fitness

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - Prioritizing your Health and Fitness

One of the hardest things to do is prioritize yourself. Where do you fall in your own priorities? You have so many responsibilities that can seem more important than yourself. If you make yourself a priority it can be seen as “selfish” or you can feel as if you’re being “selfish”. Quick answer to that: you’re not, you’re being smart.

How good are you to your kids if you’re unhealthy? How good are you to your relationship if you’re unhealthy? How good are you to your friends if you’re unhealthy? How good are you to you’re job/career if you’re unhealthy? How good are you to yourself if you’re unhealthy? The answer is not good at all. Your health and fitness determines the life you will live. Laying on a sick bed or sitting in a doctors waiting room is where you will spend your time if you don’t spend time in the gym today. Going to the pharmacy and picking up your pills is where you will find yourself if you don’t eat the proper nutrition today.

I completely understand that life happens and that at times you can get busy. I’ve gone days before without working out because I was too busy but I made sure I got back on that wagon VERY quick. It’s an extremely slippery slope if you go many days without focusing on your health and fitness. You look up and realize it’s been 2-3 weeks since you went to the gym and then look to the side and find fast food bags.

In order for me to be the greatest owner, coach, father, boyfriend, son, brother and friend I can be, my health and fitness has to be a priority. Same goes for every single one of y’all. You each play extremely important roles in your life, and in order for you to be the greatest in those roles you have to be present. You’re only present if your health and fitness becomes/remains a priority.

So again you’re not being selfish if you make your health and fitness a priority, what you’re doing is ensuring you can give everyone and everything your absolute best at all time. That’s not being selfish, to me that’s demonstrating your love and care for everyone and yourself. 



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