Coaching Moment: Be glad CrossFit mindset has evolved

Josh Melendez
September 20, 2023
Coaching Moment: Be glad CrossFit mindset has evolved

When CrossFit first came out to the market, people sprinted with it.

It was a fitness program like no one had ever seen or done.

The results it produced came at a rate that did not make sense. Those results were produced because of one single element...intensity.

Before CrossFit, workouts were done at a relatively comfortable pace. We were not challenging our psychological and physical tolerance much. We were not receiving any of the neuroendocrine response that we receive when we move with intensity. In other words, we were not seeing the outcome of our workouts.

Once individuals learned intensity leads to results, that is all they wanted in their workouts. They chose to only focus on intensity because they thought that was all CrossFit was about. They ignored the core fundamentals of CrossFit.

So this was the initial mindset of CrossFit by people when they first started:

Luckily for all of us, this mindset has evolved. From the beginning of time, CrossFit has always preached on the importance of coaching. They have stressed that intensity is only introduced once an athlete has shown sound mechanics for a consistent time. They've always said that intensity is relative to each individual athlete and that scaling is necessary to preserve the stimulus of workouts. At first these things were ignored by the market, and now they are listening to CrossFit.

CrossFit has been doing a phenomenal job educating Affiliate owners, coaches and athletes recently. They have made it a purpose to let us all know that CrossFit is NOT just about intensity. Intensity is part of our program, it is the independent variable that leads to favorable adaptation but it needs to be earned and it looks different for everyone.

With the level of education CrossFit has been putting out, the mindset around CrossFit has been evolving. And this is good. This is how CrossFit gyms get to stay around and help out their athletes. This is how athletes don't get hurt or burned out of CrossFit.

If you ever want to get some coffee and talk CrossFit, let me know. I am always up to talk about this program that has changed my life and so many individuals as long as it is applied well.


Josh Melendez

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