Love Letter - We Seek Immediate Pleasure and Avoid Temporary Pain

Josh Melendez
January 11, 2023
Love Letter - We Seek Immediate Pleasure and Avoid Temporary Pain

As humans, we seek comfort and pleasure.

Chasing what makes us uncomfortable is not the norm. This is why we consistently challenge our athletes to seek what makes them uncomfortable. When we are uncomfortable, we are developing and getting better.

But again, this requires for us to get uncomfortable. Or another way to look at it, seek temporary pain.
Avoiding pain is normal. We associate pain as a bad thing so we avoid it at all cost. But the pain I’m referring is once more is getting uncomfortable. I’m not referring to harmful pain.

What’s painful is doing a workout when you really prefer to watch tv. What’s painful is going to bed when you want to stay up so you can get up early. What’s painful is ordering vegetables and not desert. What’s painful is saying no the happy hour and staying disciplined to what you scheduled in your calendar.

These immediate pleasures make us feel good in the moment. But that’s all it is, a moment. It does not help us become the person we desire to become. It does not help us obtain the goals we desire. Seeking temporary pain does.

Be the person willing to seek temporary pain and you’ll be happy when you look at yourself down the line


Josh Melendez

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