Coaching Moment: Do you cherry-pick workouts?

Josh Melendez
May 11, 2023
Coaching Moment: Do you cherry-pick workouts?

Cherry-picking means actively avoiding a workout in favor for another workout. You only show up when you see workouts or movements you like and avoid the gym when you see workouts or movements you don't like. Another way to simply look at it is that cherry-picking is taking the path of least resistance. 

If you keep skipping the workouts or movements that are too hard, too easy, too heavy, too light, too short, or too long, you'll end up with gaps in your training and performance. CrossFit is a great program because it is a general physical preparedness program. It prepares you for anything. It helps you develop in areas that have been ignored for years. 

Every movement in CrossFit transfers over to each other, so if you have major weaknesses that you are avoiding, please note that your strengths are suffering due to that. Your overall work capacity is not where it should be and if you recall from last weeks email, your work capacity is what we care about improving. 

But there is another very important component that suffers when you cherry-pick and that is your mindset. What you are training yourself to do is avoid the hard stuff. You are telling yourself that is ok to not work on your development. You are telling yourself to only do the things that bring you immediate pleasure and that somehow you will get to your goal. 

The reality is it won't. You will constantly find yourself not obtaining your goals if you cherry-pick. Not because you don't have the ability to but because you are choosing easy over hard. Stepping out of your comfort zone consistently is what leads to adaptations and growth. 

If you cherry-pick your fitness there is a good chance you cherry-pick your nutrition, sleep and overall choices. 

I challenge you not to cherry-pick. If you find yourself cherry-picking, turn off notifications for the next day workouts. Just show up and you will be better for it. 

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