Love Letter - How To Get Motivated

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - How To Get Motivated

Pro-level athletes are not more motivated than you are.

Olympic athletes don’t just “want it more.”

The best athletes have the same struggles with motivation that you do.

The difference? They know how to get motivated (and what to do when they don’t feel motivated at all).

Ask anyone at the highest levels of fitness: Sometimes they don’t feel like working out. And those folks with ripped abs? They want a slice of cake or a couple of slices of pizza. They enjoy their beers as well.  

So why do they work out anyway? Why do they stick to their meal plan when things get tough?

Here’s the secret: Almost all of them have coaches.

Coaches are key to long-term success in any field but especially in fitness. You need to be accountable to an objective third party. Your partner will let you off the hook. Your coworkers want to go out to grab lunch and complain about your boss. And your friends just want to chill and watch movies. 

You need someone to:

• Remove the guesswork and tell you exactly what to do when.

• Get you results FAST.

• Hold you accountable. You can “ghost” someone over text, but you can’t miss appointments.

• Provide a “pain” for failure. That means you must pay for coaching. If you don’t, there’s no real penalty for failure … and you’ll backslide.

• Help you track everything: your workouts, your personal bests, your food intake, your sleep, and your wins.

• Remind you of your goals—the small ones you’ve accomplished and the big ones you’re working toward.

If you’ve struggled in the past but haven’t worked with a coach, you’re ready to try something new. To find out how a coach can help you accomplish your health and fitness goals FAST, book a free consultation with us.

In our meeting, we’ll find out exactly what you want to accomplish, and then we’ll show you the perfect plan. And we’ll tell you how we can help you accomplish it. If it looks good to you, we’ll get started on working toward your goals together.

Remember: Doing it alone is hard. Doing it with a coach is much easier—and more fun. 

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Josh Melendez

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