Coaching Moment: Establish the habit

Josh Melendez
August 23, 2023
Coaching Moment: Establish the habit

Discipline is created when daily habits no longer depend on how you feel.

The habits that you invest in now, shape who you are in the future.

They will take conscious effort and thought at first, but done over and over again becomes discipline.

Those who understand the benefit of following through with habits both when you feel like it and when you don't, know that over time that is how you become successful.

If you're committed to investing in fitness as part of your lifestyle, then exposing yourself to fitness consistently is required. It cannot depend on whether you are having a good day or not or if you are feeling motivated or not.

You have to have the discipline to show up regardless.

And that's how being fit becomes a part of who you are rather than who you want to be.

Show up. Be consistent. Build the discipline. Establish the habit.


Josh Melendez

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