Love Letter - 3 Relationships We Take Advantage Of

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - 3 Relationships We Take Advantage Of

There are (3) very powerful relationships that we have taken advantage of in the past and some currently still take advantage of. We encounter these (3) relationships every single day and they become even more important in our life the older we get. 

Those (3) relationships are:

1) Our relationship with money.

2) Our relationship with health.

3) Our relationship with time. 

Think about it for a second. What is your relationship with your money? Do you have a relationship with it? What is your relationship with your health? Do you ignore it daily? What is your relationship with time? Do you continue to put things off?

Make no mistake about it, our life's are affective by our relationships with money, health and time. If we take advantage of one of these, more than likely there will be an affect with the other two. If you take advantage of two of these, there will be an affect on the last one. If you take advantage of all three of them, well then you probably won't be too pleased with where you find yourself in life. 

All three of these relationships are extremely important but the one that is the most critical is your relationship with time. The truth in life is that we live on borrowed time. We don't get time back. If you lose all of your money or you become unhealthy, you need TIME to get it all back. But what if you don't get enough time back?

My recommendation? Repair all (3) relationships if you haven't already. Nourish them and take care of them. Track them. How are you spending your money? Are you saving? Are you working out consistently through out the week? How is your nutrition? Are you spending quality time with your friends and love ones? Are you putting things off hoping you'll do it in the future when you can do it now? 

If you'll like to talk to me about any of these relationships, let me know. Reply back to this email. 


Josh Melendez

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