Coaching Moment: Intensity Gets Results

Josh Melendez
October 17, 2023
Coaching Moment: Intensity Gets Results

You can look at a workout and say to yourself, "That's it?'' or "That looks too simple".

These are common statements that athletes say when they have been misled or have compared themselves to a professional CrossFit athlete workout structure. They believe that more work in one hour is what produces results.

This is far from the truth.

Let's quickly talk about a professional CrossFit athlete. If you were to look at their programming, yes you will definitely see a lot of volume. But the truth is they have earned it. They have spent years and years building up to the level of tolerance to be able to handle 4-6 pieces in one day. They spend between 2-5 hours a day at the gym. That time does not take into account their recovery process outside the gym, the amount of time they spend on consuming food and their strict sleeping schedule.

What I am getting at is that 99.9% of CrossFitters are not professional CrossFit athletes. We benefit off one workout a day because that is what we are able to handle both psychologically and physiologically.

When I refer to being misled, I mean we have always been taught that more is better in life. That can be true for some things but when it comes to fitness, it is not. Unless you have a specific goal and are willing to put in multiple hours a day for it, then one workout is enough.

Why is one workout enough?

Because what leads to results is not volume, it's intensity with proper mechanics.

If you do just one workout, and you actually give it your best effort, then you have done well. If you move within your own level of relative intensity, you will see results.

Watch this 2 minute clip from CrossFit Level 4 Coach, James Hobart.

Respectfully Sent,

Josh Melendez

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