Coaching Moment: The next 25 days...

Josh Melendez
December 5, 2023
Coaching Moment: The next 25 days...

Exactly 25 days.

That is exactly how many days you have left until the new year.

That is 25 opportunities to do something each day that helps you become the person you desire to be in year 2024.

Momentum absolutely creates momentum. No matter how small, it builds.

I've been coaching long enough to know this much, you are exactly where you are because of you. Either you are currently where you want to be or where you do not want to be, at the end it has been because of you.

It is not because of your work or schedule or relationship or anything else. Each day this past year, you made daily decisions that led you where you currently are.

So it's up to you as it's always been, make the daily decisions that will help you or hinder you.

We will always be here to support and help you but we can't do it for you.


Josh Melendez

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