Love Letter - Time to Set Intentions

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - Time to Set Intentions

This is how fast your freedom can become your prison or vice versa.

You have more time to exercise right now. But you also have more stress and temptation. You have more time to chill, procrastinate, and binge shows on Netflix.

As a society, we have more freedom of time than ever, but freedom without purposeful action becomes procrastination. Procrastination becomes ambivalence, and ambivalence is prison. Meaning, you can start to lack the ability to make quality decisions.

My advice to you right now is to set your intentions and take a starting measurement.

"I want to come out of this situation feeling more confident in my clothes and be able to run a 5k without stopping to walk, regardless of the pace."

Starting measurement:
Take a before photo in your bathroom mirror. Set the clothes you wore aside, put a note on the mirror with the date, one month from now, and write the words "AFTER-SHOOT underneath it."

Go out for a run in the sunlight. How long did you make it before you stopped to walk? Note that. Now, your training is to run just a little further without stopping each time. Repeat that 3-5x/week until you make it to 3 miles.

You have your intentions clarified, a measure to track progress, and a reminder on your mirror, no extra stresses to add to your plate.

It's the intention, a reminder through measurement, and your desire to turn the lurking and potential prison into freedom.

You can do this for anything your desire to accomplish, the important thing is that you use your time wisely in order to do so.


Josh Melendez

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