Love Letter - Are you the best?

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - Are you the best?

Are you the best employee at your job? Are you the best boss for your employees? Are you the best husband? Are you the best wife? Are you the best boyfriend? Are you the best girlfriend? Are you the best friend? Are you the best at any role you find yourself in life?

As you know, our gym core values are Live Humble, Live Hungry and Live Smart. The first one is humility which is the most important one but saying I’m the best at any role of yours does not mean you’re not humble. It simply means you 100% believe in yourself because you have evolved and continue to evolve in that role. By you stating that you’re the best, you are setting the standard that you won’t accept anything less from yourself which will turn into you continuing to look for ways to evolve, learn and improve in that role.

Kobe Bryant (former Los Angeles Laker player) stated he was the best player in the world when he was 18 years old coming out of High School in 1997. He had just been drafted into the NBA and he was already claiming himself as the best player in the world. He continued to say that for the first two years of his career as he rode the bench for the Lakers. Note that he was saying this as Michael Jordan was still playing and already universally recognized as the greatest basketball player in history at that time. That didn’t stop Kobe Bryant from making that statement though. Why? Because he had earned the confidence to say those words. Know one saw him shoot thousands of shots after practice, know one saw him do all of his defensive slides, know one saw him work on his basketball handles, know one saw him work on his conditioning, know one saw him take ballet classes to improve his balance and know one saw him study hours of film to improve his knowledge of the game. 

What I’m getting at is this, Kobe Bryant made a bold statement and set a certain standard for himself and he made sure to live up to his words. Eventually he did become the best player in the world and is now going down as one of the top 10 greatest basketball players ever in history. He had earned the confidence to say “I’m the best” because he knew all the work he was putting in behind closed doors. 

We decide how we look at ourselves. If we can’t say I’m the best at any of your current roles, is not because you’re not, you just haven’t earned the confidence yet. Earn the confidence by doing everything in your power to continue to improve and then saying “I’m the best” will be uttered by you with no doubt. 

Time to set greatness as your standard. 


Josh Melendez

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