Coaching Moment: Fitness is NOT linear

Josh Melendez
May 24, 2023
Coaching Moment: Fitness is NOT linear

Fitness progress that is only linear is basically a Ponzi scheme in the financial world. 

If I was to sale you a stock that only made profit and never experienced any type of loss, that is a scam. That is not real. You would know not to buy that stock because something illegal is happening. 

Well when it comes to your fitness progress, we should know that not everyday will be a PR (personal record) day. Not everyday will feel like we killed it at the gym. Some days may feel like you took a step backwards on your fitness because you struggled in a movement or felt slower than usual. You will experience great success for a couple of days and then feel like you have not progressed for months. 

That is the true journey for your fitness life. But remember, we are playing the long game. So if you zoom out and see how far your overall fitness has improved over a decade you will be absolutely amazed by your progress. 

Remain consistent. Remain disciplined. Doing the small things consistently leads to huge gains. 

If you that, you are progressing. 

Respectfully Sent,

Josh Melendez

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