Love Letter - Borrow Our Belief

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - Borrow Our Belief

As coaches, we believe in you. 

We truly do. We believe that you can get to the goals you desire. We believe that you are able to do the work to get there. 

The problem may be that you don't believe in yourself. 

And that is ok. 

Goals can be scary. Doing something you have not done in the past may be foreign to you and there may be some doubt in your head so it's easy to hesitate. 

That is where a coach is crucial in your journey. Borrow our belief in you until you develop the belief in yourself.

Take our belief in you and use it as your supplement. We won't put you in a compromised position, we will make sure you are tracking the direction you're suppose to track. 

All you need is the belief of one person to accomplish anything. At CFBS, you have the belief from Tony, Lynn, Neema, Megan, Michael, Jocelyn and myself. 

That's 7 people who believe in you.


Josh Melendez

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