Love Letter - People's Opinions Do Matter To Me

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - People's Opinions Do Matter To Me

There have been multiple surveys done with the question, “What is your greatest fear?”.

Majority of the responses for the top two fears that people have in this world are the following in this order:

1) Public Speaking
2) Death

Take a moment and think about that. People are more scared to speak in public than losing their life! Why is that? It’s simple. It’s because we know when we are speaking in public we are being judged. We might embarrass ourselves. Opinions are being created about us and we don’t like that.

Just like we can’t remove stress from life, we can’t remove opinions from people. But what we can do is manage both.

Do I care about peoples opinion? Yes it gets to me, I’m human. If anyone out there literally does not care, please tell me how you became this super human!

What I’ve learned when it comes to opinions is surround yourself with people whose opinion you value. Ask them for their opinion so you get ahead of it. Does that eliminate all opinions? No. But what it does do is allows you to listen to opinion from people who want to see you succeed. They won’t lie to you. They will tell you the complete truth regardless of how you may feel about it.

Receiving opinions from people you value helps keep all other outside opinion in perspective. This then helps you know what opinions are there to help you and which ones are there to hurt you.


Josh Melendez

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