Love Letter - Culture

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - Culture

Why do we talk about our core values at the whiteboard every class? Why were the gym rules simplified and moved to the front of the whiteboard? Why do we use the word great and excellence as much as we can? Because we are trying to establish a certain culture at our gym.

Establishing a culture is not easy. Establishing a culture can be tiring. You may question the culture you are trying to create but you must believe in what you are doing. You must believe that what you are doing is the right thing for everyone. We, as your leaders, do. Establishing a culture starts at the top. Our core values, vision statement, mission statement and gym rules are what we believe in the most.

I want y’all to know that I 100% believe that we all have greatness inside of us. But we have to be part of a culture to let that greatness out. A few weeks ago I wrote a love letter about surrounding yourself with the right people. Well if we all live and practice the same culture then those are the right people. If you immerse yourself in a culture that is requiring you to be the greatest version of yourself everyday then guess what happens, you become the greatest version of yourself. 

The leadership team can’t be the only ones who believe in our culture for it to work for you. You have to do your part to really dive in and trust that you will accomplish greatness here by adopting our culture. We may be asking you to think a little different, to act a little different, to speak a little different but it’s all because we know that greatness will only come once you get out of your comfort zone. 

As I’ve stated before, the greatest way for us to make an impact on y’all as athletes is to first make an impact on y’all as people. That starts with speaking about our culture everyday. 


Josh Melendez 

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