Love Letter - Excuses

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - Excuses

We all make them. We all think about them. We all consider them. And unfortunately, at times, we act on them.

You’re human, it’s ok. Giving into excuses is such an easy thing to do. Creating excuses and acting on them, at the moment, feels great. We are all guilty of this. Giving into the excuses from the past, we can’t undo that. But what you can do is learn, recognize and become better from it.

Yes it’s ok that in the past you’ve giving into excuses but that does not have to be your present or future. Yes giving into excuses is such an easy thing to do but what positive affect will you get from it. Yes creating excuses and acting on them feels great but it won’t lead to greatness. See we have to come to a point in our life when we decide, “I’m done with this”. We have to really make the conscious decision that YOU want a better life. It begins with how you think. It begins with not playing victim anymore and making excuses. It begins with doing the hard things and staying consistent with it. 

You can come up with excuses for everything in life and I’ll tell you this much, making excuses is NOT going to improve anything in your life. Excuses can literally act as a disease. It corrupts your mind and you can find yourself creating them for everything and by the time you look up, you haven’t done much more for yourself. Why? Well because you were able to find an excuse on why you should “relax” or “keep it easy” or “wait for tomorrow” or “start next week”. 

You want to lose weight, then lose it. You want to become fitter, then workout. You want to eat better, then learn how to. You want a better job, then look for it. You want more money, then make it. You want to learn more, then read. You want to do what you love, then make time for it. If you really want to do something in your life, you won’t make an excuse, you’ll make it happen.

So my question to you is this, are you done making excuses and ready for your own greatness?


Josh Melendez 

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