Love Letter - Focus on Micro-Goals

Josh Melendez
January 4, 2023
Love Letter - Focus on Micro-Goals

I wanted to share something with you that I read yesterday morning on the Trident Mindset app regarding micro-goals:

If you're a football fan, you know who Nick Saban is. Saban is the coach of the University of Alabama football team and has been the most successful college football coach of the 21st century. Saban has lead his teams to six college football national championships and every time he is asked about the reason for Alabama's consistent success, Saban points to what he calls "the process". Here's how he describes "the process".

"Don't think about winning the SEC Championship. Don't think about the national championship. Don't look at the scoreboard. Don't look at any external factors. Just think about what you need to do in this drill, on this play, in this moment. Put all your focus, all your concentration, all your effort, all your toughness, all your discipline to execute this particular play. Regardless of what happened on the last play, you move on to the next play and focus entirely on it."

He is, of course, talking about micro-goals. It doesn't matter whether you're trying to launch a 20-point comeback, hold onto a 50-point lead, perform well in practice, or win the national championship - all you can do is give your best effort to the present moment. To focus on anything else would be counterproductive and useless. The past is over and you can't control the future. So, focus on the now - on this play...on this micro-goal.

We are just starting the year. You may have listed some goals you want to accomplish. If you did, great. If you didn't, I encourage you if not it's easy to just go on auto-pilot. With your goal, break it into micro-goals and focus on one small micro-goal at a time. Do this for the whole year and watch you knock out goals without stressing on them because you focus on one small thing at a time. 

Respectfully Sent,

Josh Melendez

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