Love Letter - Forget About Me, I Love You

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - Forget About Me, I Love You

Health is important. Fitness is important. Your life is important. Your love ones are important. Your friends are important. Your jobs are important. Everything about y’all is important because we are a family. You have all been adopted into our CrossFit Be Someone family.

Operating and running this gym is about making this the best place for everyone. I have made it my sole purpose to try to provide a place where our coaches can strive and build a career if they choose to and provide a place where our members feel at home and happy. By providing that, I firmly believe that you would find yourself continuously coming back to the gym. And if you continue to come back to the gym then you will continue to get healthy and fitter because you would find yourself working out.

A family is about looking out for others, caring for others and doing for others. I believe we have that here. I believe we have a family that truly wants nothing but success for everyone around us. I believe if we have the opportunity to or can help the person next to us we will. I believe that we understand if you get a PR then we all got a PR because our success is tied together.

This place is not just about squatting or pressing or burpees or snatches, it’s way deeper than that. This place is about a group of people who are willing to look beyond themselves and say it’s not about me, it’s about us.

Be proud of what you have built here because our family was/is not possible without you.


Josh Melendez

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