Love Letter - How I hurt my shoulder

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - How I hurt my shoulder

Ever since I started CrossFit, I was fortunate to go a very long time without any serious injuries. I obtained a couple of tweaks here and there but it was nothing serious. It was more of me trying or doing too much early before really learning proper technique.

Last November during a local Houston competition, I suffered my biggest injury. It was not due to improper technique or doing too much weight or being careless, it was due to my lack of shoulder mobility. I jumped on the bar and created a bigger kip than I usually do for a bar muscle up. Instantly I could hear some popping in my left shoulder and it immediately went numb and I couldn’t really do much with it afterwards. It sucked and it hurt but I instantly knew what I had done.

Luckily there was no tear but I had a very high strain on my shoulder which I irritated some ligaments. I wasn’t able to do much with it for nearly two-three months so my workouts became very restricted when it came to heavy weights and going over head was not an option. I was very frustrated by I knew that I could only be frustrated with myself. I know better yet I didn’t focus on my mobility enough.

I can’t stress enough on how important it is to focus on mobility. There is a reason why we put cool downs on the whiteboards for y’all. One of the reasons is for mobility purposes. After working out, your body is warm so that is the best time to do long static stretch for 30-60 seconds holds. It can help with providing range of motion. You might have noticed as well that during the warm ups, we do more dynamic type stretching which is what is best prior working out.

Take the time to focus on your mobility. If you focus on your mobility it will allow you to move with better technique hence allow you to lift more weight. You will get become a stronger, more athletic, and overall healthier athlete.



P.S Work on the injury prevention exercises that are on the whiteboard

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