Love Letter - I screamed at my laptop

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - I screamed at my laptop

Last night I was having some issues with delivering videos to my Online PT clients. I send them videos giving them a “whiteboard” brief so they can understand the workout beyond the writing.

I was recording the video through my laptop (TrueCoach) and as soon as I was done and ready to upload, it was not letting me. I tried it 3 more times and then I lost my mind on my laptop. I then used the TrueCoach app on my phone and after a couple attempts, nothing. Once again I lost my mind.

I’m sharing this with y’all because I get it. Frustration and emotions can get the best of us but at the end of the day, we control our emotions. I 100% reacted versus responding.

Eventually, I ended up just sending each client a video through text message and they got their “whiteboard” brief. Had I not reacted and responded to the situation earlier, I would have resolved the issue so much quicker but more importantly I would have not been in a bad mood for no reason.

Never forget, you control your emotions. So whatever is going on at work, the weather, your neighbors, technical issues or anything else remember to respond not react.


Josh Melendez

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