Love Letter - I will not tolerate this

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - I will not tolerate this

You know what I absolutely loved seeing at Taco A Go-Go during our Taco Bout a WOD event, how everyone was communicating with each other. There was inclusivity with everyone and I loved that so much.

One thing that has been heard about some CrossFit gyms that have turned people off is the formation of “clicks”. The individuals did not fit in therefore they felt like they did not belong there. One of the things that makes CrossFit so special is the community. Bringing people together and sharing challenging moments with each other builds camaraderie. Once you feel that, you want to keep surrounding yourself with those people because you know they bring out the best in you.

I have made it my purpose to build a strong and lasting community. If you find yourself enjoying the community that means you will find yourself coming to the gym as much as possible. If you come to the gym as much as possible then you are getting healthier and fitter every time. I love that we don’t have any clicks in our gym. Do some people have stronger relationships with each other, of course, but clicks do not exist in our gym and I’m so proud of y’all for that. If I sniff a click forming, you better believe it would get nipped very fast. I will not tolerate the formation of clicks and I hope y’all won’t either.

That is why our first rule of the is to say “hi” to everyone. Our third core value is Live Smart which is referring to people smart, emotional intelligence. In order to Live Smart it requires for us to create relationships with people. Only way that happens is if we all acknowledge each other every time we see each other.

So let’s keep Living Smart, so we will always have an inclusive CrossFit family!



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