Love Letter - Imagination

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - Imagination

Imagine you have everything you’ve ever wanted in your life. Imagine you’ve accomplished all the goals you’ve set. Imagine you're living your dream life. Now realize this, it can all come true.

Everything that we see around us came from someone imagining it. Nothing just magically appeared. Someone had to imagine it. The phone you are holding to read this email, someone imagined it. That chair you are currently sitting on, someone imagined it. That car you got out of this morning, someone imagined it. The bed you slept on, the shower head for your shower, your toothbrush, your clothes, everything was imagined by someone. Now what if these people were told to quit imagining? What if they decided to stop imagining because people say that adults shouldn’t imagine? What if they listened to people say imagination is only for kids? Then we wouldn’t have anything we have in life.

Keep imagining. Keep believing in your dreams. Keep being what Steve Job called everyone who imagined, a misfit. You can accomplish everything you have ever imagined. You can be that CEO you imagine yourself being. You can obtain that promotion you want. You can buy that house you’ve always wanted. You can run that mile under 7 minutes. You can get those abs you always wanted. You can do those pull ups you’ve always wanted to do. All it takes is consistency and work. Your imagination won’t just appear on its own. You have to create it. 

Bring your imagination to life by doing what is required on your end. Imagining is so awesome. We can get lost in it and then think to ourselves “only if”. Well remove that “only if” and replace it with an “I will”. 

You have the power to change this world. You have the power to change YOUR world.


Josh Melendez 

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