Love Letter - It's More Than Just a Squat

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - It's More Than Just a Squat

It's not just a simple air squat. 

An air squat means more than just your hips, knees and ankles flexing as you go down and then the same joints extending on the way up. 

When you improve your air squat then you improve the overall quality of your life. Improving your air squat allows you to be able to move better and around in life. Your joints are healthier, your tendons and muscles are stronger and your flexibility has improved. On top of that, as you are able to keep your chest upright even more, that means your core strength has improved. 

I know this much, if the quality of your life improves then you will find more joy in life. You'll be able to create more memories and get more from life. 

This all leads to you valuing your life even more. 

Our purpose at CrossFit Be Someone is to help people value their life. Improving your air squat runs deeper than just being able to squat deeper (see what I did there lol). Improving your air squat helps you value your life even more. 

Respectfully Sent,

Josh Melendez

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