Love Letter - Last years email that gave the gym an identity (email is from 1 year ago)

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - Last years email that gave the gym an identity (email is from 1 year ago)

CrossFit Be Someone has been in existence for 21 months now. It’s incredible that it has almost been 2 years and I just want to mention that this could not happen without any of y’all! Everyday I think how can I continue the growth of myself, the coaches and the gym in order to make your experience even greater. What I have noticed is that no matter what new systems are put in the gym or new software to track progression or make our programming be more focused on coaching, the needle will not move as much if we all don’t believe and live the same culture. Our culture is the foundation to our gym just like our nutrition is the foundation to our health and fitness. Without a strong culture, our gym will not reach its fullest potential which I know is greatness. My vision of our gym is not just to be a good CrossFit gym in Houston. My vision for our gym is to be the greatest gym in the U.S. It is not a modest vision and I know that but that’s how much I believe in us and I know we can achieve it.

I want to introduce to y’all what our gym is going to be build off going forward. We will be operating off three new core values which means we will be moving away from our old five core values. Our decisions, how we speak, how we act, how we workout and how we live will reflect these three new core values. Those three core values are humble, hungry and smart. The word “live” is going to be added in front of humble, hungry and smart because these core values are not meant to just be practiced at our gym, but they are meant to be how we live our lives. You are going to hear our coaches reference a core value or principle everyday before we dive into the WOD starting in December.

What “live humble” means is truth above all else, never whine/complain/make excuses, develop a growth mindset, respond not react and celebrate mistakes. Humility goes such a long way. Can you give honest feedback but more importantly can you receive honest feedback and reply with “Thank you”? Can you step outside and not fuss that it is cold or raining to your coworker but more importantly to yourself? Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone because it will lead to development? Can you stick to your principles and not give into your emotions? Can you be happy when you don’t achieve a goal because it gives you another day to get better?

What “live hungry” means is pursue excellence, put first thing first, be proactive, leave it better than how you found it and treat small things as big things. Are you willing to tolerate good over great? Do you know the difference between what is urgent and what is important? Do you go above and beyond of what is being asked for? Do you probe and ask how can I make this better? Are you just as happy when you improve only 1% compared to 25%?

When I say smart, I am not referring to your I.Q but your E.Q. It is people smart, it is emotional intelligence, it is do you know what words to say at the right time and even what words to hold back. “Live smart” means always be communicating, make everyone feel special, create a sense of belonging, never break a promise and use tactful conflict resolution. Do you make it aware of what you are trying to accomplish? Do you listen sincerely and actively? Do you go out of your way to say “Hi” first? Do you do what you say you will do and follow up? Do you admit to mistakes and welcome constructive criticism?

If you can’t answer yes to all of these that does not mean you are not humble, hungry or (people) smart. That just means there is room to grow. I can’t answer yes to all of these but the most important thing is to be willing to practice this everyday. Once we practice it everyday, it becomes us and we start to live it.

As a coach of yours, I don’t only want to see you succeed within the four walls of CrossFit Be Someone, I want to see you succeed in every aspect of your life. I want you to get that promotion you deserve, get that raise you have been waiting for, graduate with that degree you have been working on, have that successful relationship you desire and do exactly who you have always wanted to do. Basically what I am saying is I want your goals/dreams to be accomplished in and out of our gym. Building the greatest gym is not just about building great athletes but it is about building great people with a great mindset. That is my vision for us.

This is our gym, this is our community, this is our family and I want nothing but the best for us.



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