Love Letter - My greed is that I want you here

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - My greed is that I want you here

We provide you over 40 touch points a week. Again, over 40 touch points. That is the number of times we are trying to tell you to keep your health and fitness a priority. That is the number of times we are trying to remind you about your goals. That is the number of times we are saying we are in your corner.

How do we provide you with these touch points? We post an average of 28 times on CFBS social media a week. We post in our private Facebook group 4 times a week to include Bright Spot Friday. We send you 2 text messages a week, one on Sunday and the other on Thursday. We also contact you on Monday directly if we have not seen you in 5 days or more. We provide you a Love Letter every Wednesday and one Nutrition Love Letter bi-weekly. We speak about our core values 5 times a week in class and aim to use your name 3-4 times in class as a minimum. We send you a newsletter monthly as well as a monthly email regarding fitness. We provide you with 1-2 events a month. We also have all our athletes on re-occurring goal review sessions every 90 days. And if you add the coaches personal social media, that number goes over 50 touch points a week! (that is 200 touch points in a month!)

Why do we do all of this? Simply because we want to see you all succeed. Having all of these touch points is a way to keep reminding you how important it is for you to continue to focus on your health and fitness. It’s so easy to fall off the wagon and go a full week without showing up to the gym. If that happens, it’s my duty to keep in touch with you and remind you that you can still do this and that you have our support.

The fast food companies are relentless. The sugar companies are relentless. The alcohol companies are relentless. Their goal is to keep all of their products in front of you. We have to be as relentless as them. I’m not saying don’t enjoy a burger here or there. I’m not saying not to go and try out Voodoo Donuts and see what the buzz is about. I’m not saying not to enjoy some whiskey or wine. What I am saying is if you only see that on a daily basis then the chances of you consuming that almost everyday is high. We are trying to prevent that because we know that is not good for you.

Staying active and eating healthy on a consistent basis is the medicine we all need. Being surrounded around humble, hungry and people smart individuals is the support group that will elevate us. Being exposed to people who have the same goals as you brings up your chances of achieving them tremendously. It goes from “Will I ever achieve my goals?” to “When will I achieve my goals?”. We provide you with consistent touch points because we want you to be the greatest version of yourself and because we care.

My greed is that I want everyone at our gym everyday. I know this can difficult at times, we all live busy lives, but if y’all are all here as much as possible then I know y’all are getting better. One of my biggest goals is to have a daily attendance of 75% at our gym. If we can get that, I know we are changing and helping so many lives consistently!


Josh Melendez

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