Love Letter - Stand It Up (Jeff Jucha's words)

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - Stand It Up (Jeff Jucha's words)

The following words are not mine. These words come from my business mentor, Jeff Jucha. He posted this and I appreciated it very much, I hope y'all do as well.


It's going to get heavy.  

…Not just the weight on the bar, but the demand that comes with living. When you’re at the bottom of a heavy snatch, life comes along and slides an extra thirty-one pounds on the bar, unevenly and with no collars. 

You don’t always get a choice that you will be dealing with heavy things, but you do get to decide how you will stand them up.

The only way to get better at dealing with heavy things is to deal with heavy things. The only way to get better at standing heavy things up is to be in the bottom with them first.

If you have the freedom to choose, practicing heavy stuff with trusted guidance is ideal. It won’t make the heavy things any lighter, but it will help you learn how to hold them better. 

You’re going to end up in the bottom and have to fight to get back to where you started. Circumstances will change and make it even harder. Someone is going to distract you while you’re doing your best to focus making it out of this lift to see another day. It’s going to happen.

So practice doing hard things so you will be better at doing hard things. Because you will not get to do the last five minutes over, but you do get to do tomorrow over if you start now.

Practice heavy snatches and squats. Practice patience and tolerance. Practice assertiveness and healthy boundaries. Practice forgiveness and moving on. 

Your personal best in a lift has never been comfortable. That's why you had to be at your best to finish it.


Josh Melendez

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