Love Letter - What the trip to Austin really meant to me

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - What the trip to Austin really meant to me

I think we can all agree, this past weekend was a success. There were smiles and laughs and simply just great vibes. All types of conversation were taking place among everyone at different moments.

What this weekend really signified to me was this, we have truly built a family among us. Would I have loved to seen everyone from the gym in Austin, of course. I understand not everyone was able to make it. But for the 40+ that were there, it represented who we have become.

Since purchasing this gym, I have made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot along the way. But there are two things that have helped me keep my compass going the right direction, patience and belief. I am fully aware that this is a CrossFit gym and that you are all seeking to get better with your health and fitness. Our product is our coaching so it goes hand in hand with that. We have to provide effective coaching to get you to become healthier and fitter. But I just knew I had to build this gym with a deeper meaning, a meaning that would help carry you to the gym on days you want to go home and do no fitness. A meaning that would help you make the right decision during tough times at work or home.

Building this gym with the mindset that we want to make an impact in you as a person prior to athlete has taken a lot of patience and belief. It has not been easy but I knew it’s what would make a greater impact in every single one of y’all. I knew it would allow us to truly connect with each other because our connections would go beyond health and fitness. I knew it would truly build a family among us. We all have our own unique culture within our immediate families, we now have our own unique culture among us.

It was really awesome seeing how much fun everyone had with each other this weekend. I love to observe (it’s the coach in me) and I couldn’t help but observe what was going on in front of me. I couldn’t help and observe the family we have become. Keep living humble, hungry and people smart.



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