Love Letter - 'Tis The Season For Excuses

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - 'Tis The Season For Excuses

Holidays are around the corner. 

Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Years. 

During this time we see a lot of people start to say things like:

"Family is in town so I don't have time to workout anymore"

"I am traveling for the holidays"

"It's cold outside"

"I have a lot of parties to attend"

"I have to buy gifts"

"I'll just wait after the holidays"

"I'll start back up on January 1"

"It gets too dark in the evening"

Here is the thing, these are just excuses. 

When family is in town, it's just for a few days not a few weeks or months. You're family won't be upset if you step away for one hour to focus on your health. If anything, invite them. 

When you're traveling, we can help you by providing you traveling workouts. These workouts are not one hour long where you feel as if you have to give up a lot of your time up. We keep them short on purpose and if you're in our nutrition program, they help you figure out where you can eat at and provide you tips on eating healthy as you travel. 

We have a heater at the gym for when it get's cold. There is also the East Coast that deals with a lot colder conditions than we do and they are still able to work on their health. 

We have different hours on our schedule so if you do have parties to attend, come at a different time. Most parties that you end up attending are during the weekend and remember, no one said you HAVE to go to every happy hour. 

Not all gifts have to be bought, get creative with them. An act of service or quality time means a lot more to people than gifts. I recommend learning about the 5 Love Languages. 

The holidays are just 4 days total (October 31, November 25, December 25, December 31) . Waiting or putting off your health and fitness for over 90 days due to 4 days of celebration is not the best thing for you health. You can still enjoy the holidays very much while at the same time still making yourself a priority. 

The chances of you starting back up on January 1 after putting off your health for 1, 2 or 3 months is very slim. Trust me, I've seen it and I have experienced it myself. January 1 becomes next Monday and then it becomes February. By the time you realize it, it's Cinco de Mayo and you're still not at the gym. 

Time change happens in the Fall. It becomes darker earlier in the evening and it can feel as if you rather go home. But don't let one hour of change affect your overall health. Humans are amazing on adapting and overcoming so you're body will adapt to the time change.


Josh Melendez

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