Love Letter - 20 Years of Hard Work

Josh Melendez
February 8, 2023
Love Letter - 20 Years of Hard Work

It took Lebron James 20 years to break the NBA All-Time Scoring Record which he did last night. 

TWO Decades. Accomplishments don't happen over night. Accomplishments also don't happen with just luck. 

Those 20 years only account for the years he has played in the NBA so far. That does not account for the additional 10-12 years he played basketball before going to the NBA at the age of 18. For all those years, Lebron James put in the work consistently. He focused on the basics and became a master at them. It was his goal to just work on his goal and that led to him being such a successful NBA player thus far. He has earned all of his accomplishments because he put in the time. 

What I am getting at is this, if you truly want to accomplish a goal then you have to put the work in consistently and for a long time. Not just a few days and not just when you feel like it. 

I'm also just not referring to your gym goals. I'm referring to any goals you have in life. I may sound like a broken record because you have probably heard me say this over and over but it's because I see people quickly give up on their goals all the time. I'm no exception. I am right there with y'all. It is challenging but it is possible. 

Lean on the help of the people you have around you who truly want you to succeed. Lean on the help of your CrossFit Be Someone coaches and athletes because we all want to get better. 

Work on your goals consistently and for a while and you will accomplish them. 

P.S I still think Michael Jordan is the GOAT lol. Congrats to Lebron James for setting history last night. 

Respectfully Sent,

Josh Melendez

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