Love Letter - What I learn every Wednesday at 3pm

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - What I learn every Wednesday at 3pm

Every Wednesday I take my daughter to swimming for 30 minutes. She works with her instructor and at times it can be a total of 3 kids. Luckily as of late, she has been the only one showing up so she has been receiving complete attention from the instructor.

I’ve been taking her to swimming since July. For the last 3 1/2 months the routine has been the same. She gets in the water with the instructor and does the exact same drills for the exact amount of time spent on each drill. It’s the same drills over and over and over and over. What they are establishing in her is the fundamentals. They are making her do the “non-sexy” drills over and over because they will make her a better and stronger swimmer. There are about 8-10 other lanes with other kids and instructors and you can see how they are all in different levels. You can also see how they focus on the same drills over and over.

It’s real easy to forget about the importance of fundamentals so we might be tempted on skipping it. But I’m here to tell you, don’t. Work on the “non-sexy” drills over and over and over and over. Sometimes it won’t be fun, sometimes it’ll feel redundant and sometimes you’ll get a little bored of it but from it you’ll be so much better! I loved seeing GOAT Day last Thursday and seeing how many of y’all were working on the basics. We have the next 4 Thursday dedicated to GOAT day. I highly recommend you keep working on the movements you chose last Thursday.

I recommend even more to work on those drills on other days as well. Again don’t overlook on the basics. Before you took algebra or calculus you had to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. And remember you spent a lot of time on that as well.

So what do I learn every Wednesday? Never forget the importance of working on the basics consistently. You'll be so much better from it. 



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