Love Letter - What is your perfect day?

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - What is your perfect day?

Are you currently living your perfect day? Have you ever thought about what is your perfect day? Are you making the decisions to get you to your perfect day?

What is a perfect day? A perfect day is not waking up while on vacation not having to worry about your responsibilities. That’s a vacation. Your perfect day is a day that you will like to live consistently because it will you make the most happy. It’s a day that we know is not fantasized but realistic through hard work. What time will you wake up? What will you do after you wake up? What will your mid-day consist of? Will you take a afternoon nap or go to a yoga class? Will you find yourself in traffic coming from work or would you be working from home? What will your job be? Will you be your own boss? Would you attend a CrossFit class? What will you do with your evening? What time would you go to bed? What would you like for your perfect day to look like?

The reason I ask is because you CAN get to your perfect day. You are the CEO of your own life. The decisions you make now will dictate if you make it to your perfect day or not. We are now halfway done with 2019, did you take steps these past 6 months to get you to your perfect day? What steps will you take these next 6 months to start getting you to your perfect day?

It’s extremely important to think about this for this simple reason: it’s your life and you only have one to live! Make it count and make it happen! Start getting to your perfect day.


Josh Melendez


My perfect day will be posted in our gym private Facebook group and I highly recommend for you to write your perfect day and share it if you would like to

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