Love Letter - Why coaching is important

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - Why coaching is important

There are three essential things that we coaches focus on everyday when we are infront of a class: inspiring you, entertaining you and educating you. Doing this effectively each time we are in front of you is our goal. By doing this, we are trying to bring you your best hour of the day.

We believe in each one you. I truly believe that if each one of you wants to do a muscle up, you all have the ability to. If each one of you wants to increase your one rep maxes, you all have the ability to. If each one of you wanted to lose weight or gain muscle mass, you all have the ability to. We truly do believe in each of y’all but we also have to be honest with y’all. Just because we ask you to modify reps or movement or weight does not mean we don’t believe in you, it means we are looking out for you. We want you each to move with proper technique and meet the stimulus of the workout which will lead to you becoming a better, stronger and faster athlete in the long run.

We are not comedians or musicians but we know part of your experience is how we entertain y’all. We do this several ways which sets the tone in the gym. We welcome y’all every time you step in, we engage with each one of y’all, we ensure music is playing in the background, we speak in a high voice, we “try” to throw in some jokes but most of all we try to keep it fun. We all understand how important it is to focus on your health and fitness. Your health and fitness is a serious thing but it should be fun in the gym. We want you to find yourself smiling, laughing and engaging with others while at the same time moving the needle in the right direction with your fitness.

The way we educate you is by how we coach you, what we explain at the whiteboard and when we answer your questions. The only way we can truly coach you is by making you perform many reps for us to see. Once we see these reps we can then provide you with cues to fix any possible fault that we see. But we can’t just have you perform 3-4 reps and that’s it, we have to make you move for many reps to provide us more opportunities. If I’m coaching a class of 18 athletes and I only have you perform 3 overhead squats, there is no possible way I was able to see everyone do their overhead squats. At the whiteboard, we explain the stimulus of the workout and modifications for the movements. Meeting the stimulus of the workout is very important because it allows us to meet the intention of the workout. There are three metabolic pathways (phosphagen, glycolitic and oxidative) and workouts are designed to meet a specific pathway each day along with other specific details behind the workout. Modifications are provided that can help you meet the stimulus but also to help you develop the skills and strength to be able to perform the actual movement in the future. The final way we educate you is by answering any question you might have for your coach so please do not hesitate to ask!

We value coaching tremendously and we are honored that you all allow us to coach you. One thing I always state is this, “What you are asking us to do without saying it is, Can we help extend your current life expectancy?”. If we get you healthier and fitter then the answer is yes and I guarantee you all this, there is not one coach on staff who takes this lightly at all.



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