Love Letter - Why we switch from Goal Reviews to Habit Reviews

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - Why we switch from Goal Reviews to Habit Reviews

For the last two years we have conducted Goal Review sessions every 90 days with our members. In those sessions we discussed what goals each member wanted to work towards. The reason these goal reviews are important is because it allows us to identify what you are looking to accomplish and we are able to discuss how you can get there. 

What I have learned through reading certain books and speaking to individuals who are a lot smarter than I am, is that focusing solely on the end result is not the best strategy. Only speaking about the end goal can be exciting but what that leads to many times is heartbreaks. The reason being is because goals are not going to appear overnight. Goals require that we work towards them consistently. And if we only focus on the end result then we are ignoring a very important component, the habits that will lead you to your goals. 

So now, every 90 days we are conducting Habit Reviews. During these habit reviews we are still identifying what goal you are looking to accomplish but then we shift the conversation to what habits will lead you there. We only focus on 1-2 habits at a time. We want you to understand that your goals are important but more important is your habits. Your habits is who you are becoming. Your habits become part of your identity. Once that starts to occur, you start to see yourself checking off goals left and right. 

Another cool thing we added to the habit reviews is more frequent touch points. Before during the goal reviews we would only speak every 90 days. Now we have created a tracker sheet that you will take home. This tracker sheet will help you track your habits and every 15 days, you'll send a picture to your habit review coach to show them how you are doing with your habits. More accountability equals more success. 

One of your goals is to help you get to your goals. We know that focusing on your habits will 100% get you there. 


Josh Melendez

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