Tips on Accomplishing your Health and Fitness Goals

Josh Melendez
February 21, 2024
Tips on Accomplishing your Health and Fitness Goals

"I want to lose weight"

"I want to gain muscle"

"I want to be able to do a pull-up"

"I want to feel confident about myself"

"I want to be comfortable in my own skin"

"I want to fit better in my clothes"

"I want my partner to still find me attractive"

"I want to be able to play with my kids"

"I want to stay alive"

I have had hundreds and hundreds of conversations at the gym and over the phone with athletes of the gym and potential athletes of the gym.

Everyone has a goal and that is great. Everyone has a current obstacle that they are looking to overcome and they are looking for a solution to their obstacle.

The goal you are trying to achieve may sound just like the quotes above or similar to the quotes. It may be completely different, but there is something you want to accomplish.

Now the question is, what are you doing about it?

Stating your goal out loud and seeking help is just a step but it is not the final step. Your coaches can't do the work for you.

You have to be willing to put in the work daily. Not when you feel like it or when it is convenient for you or when you see a motivational post on Instagram that you re-share on your story.

You have to create the discipline and establish the daily habit on working on your goal. You have to take complete ownership of what it is you want.

If you do not put in the work consistently that is required on your end, then I can promise you that you will not achieve your goal.

At CrossFit Be Someone, we do everything we can to set up our athletes for success. We make it hard for you to forget about your goal. We hold our athletes accountable because that is our responsibility as your coach but again, we can't do the work for you.  

Here are a few things you can do to help you accomplish your goals:

  1. Schedule your workouts in your calendar.

- I heard from a performance coach, Todd Herman, who works with high performing CEOs, Business Owners and Professional athletes that if you want to win in life, you have to dominate your schedule. Meaning, if you are running around hoping to fit in your workout, you will find yourself skipping it most of the time. Schedule your workouts and operate off your schedule. Make it your non-negotiable.

  1. Surround yourself with people who are after goals.

- It does not have to be after the same goals you are after, but if you surround yourself with people who are looking to do better and get better in life, that will elevate you. You are an average of the 5 people you surround yourself with. Take inventory of your inner-circle. I am not saying you need to cut people out of your life, but you just may need to find a different circle.

  1. Workout in the morning.

- If you know your career can be unpredictable, then be honest with yourself. You can't keep giving that excuse to yourself or to others. Take control of what you can control. At 5 or 6am, you have more control of your schedule. Yes it is challenging to get up in the morning, I understand that. But if that is the only time you can get your workout in, accept your reality, and go to bed earlier so you can take care of yourself in the morning.

  1. Be ok with the long term process.

- Too many individuals give up on themselves after a few weeks or months. Even though they lived an unhealthy lifestyle for 10 years, they expect results after 10 days of working out. It does not happen like that. Achieving true and lasting results is going to take years of consistent work. By being consistent, you become the person who has the discipline and habits to achieve what you desire in life.

  1. Know your why.

- Many of the goals that people say to me are just surface level goals. Meaning, they are truly not what they want. Dig deep into your goals. Discover what it is you truly want and why you want it. Create an emotional connection to your why and let that driving force keep you moving forward. Motivation fizzles out quick, but your why keeps the candle burning.

Notice each tip has a #1 by it. That is because they are all important. Not one is more important than the other. Do all 5 and you will see success.

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