Love Letter - CFBS Culture Update

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - CFBS Culture Update

Culture -> Vision -> Execution

In January and this month (February), the CrossFit Be Someone team reviewed the culture and vision of the gym during our monthly team meeting. The purpose behind this was to ensure we are delivering the best product possible to all of our members today and in the future.

As a team we re-defined all of our principles for our core values. Our core values and principles dictate our culture for the gym. By re-defining all of our principles, this helped align the team even more. This helped to ensure we have all the right personnel on the bus. The only way we can create a strong culture is by ensuring all staff members are completely aligned with each other and the gym. This creates trust and respect which allows the team to flourish in their roles and together.

After ensuring we are all aligned with our culture, we now had to go over our vision for the gym. Knowing what the vision is gives us direction. It is important to know what is our overall purpose, mission and BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). This gives us meaning to everything we do and how we do it. We are not operating in the dark, we have a clear picture on what it is we are going to accomplish. 

This leads to our execution. Each team member is aware on how important their roles are. Each team member understands that tasks that fall under their roles play a vital role to our overall culture and vision. Strengthening our culture and clarifying our vision allows each team member to operate with clarity which leads to us helping our members even better. 

CrossFit Be Someone Core Values and Principles:

Live Humble:

-Celebrate Feedback

-Know There's Always a Starting Point

-Respond, Don't React

Live Hungry:

-Develop a Growth Mindset

-Stay True to Your Priorities

-Pursue Excellence

Live Smart:

-Treat Small Things as Big Things

-Practice Tactful Communications

-Create a Culture of Community

CrossFit Be Someone Vision:

Purpose (why):

To help people value their life

BHAG (what): 

For the CFBS message to be followed on different continents 

Mission (how):

Create the optimal gym where people find health and happiness for their life daily


Josh Melendez

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