Love Letter - A Positive Perspective

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - A Positive Perspective

I think we can all agree this is one of the most uncertain times we have ever experienced. This will be a story we tell our kids when they get older about how we were locked in our house for a month on end.

But here's the good will pass. One day soon this will all become a story, a time in our life we can look back on. This will not last forever, and yes we are all going stir crazy in the house and how our lives changed over night from normalcy to uncertainty.

I truly believe all of this will only make us stronger together.

We will appreciate family gatherings, going out to dinner, meeting a friend for a cup of coffee, taking a trip, visiting a state park, gathering at church, going to watch a sporting event, and being able to workout together.

We won't take the little things for granted as we did before. As I watch live videos of hospitals and parking lots full of people encouraging and praying, it can only make you see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Just as 9/11 brought the country together, I think you will see people will treat others with love and kindness more than ever!

When this is all over what are you going to see differently?

For me personally, the things I will change are:

-Take more family trips
-Give my family one extra hug
-Schedule more coffee time with friends
-Be more present during conversations
-Get even more joy in seeing everyone workout together
-Be sure to tell people how much I appreciate them

I am choosing to look at this event as the moment it changed my outlook on life for the better, not the worse.

Today send a text to a loved one letting them know how you can't wait to see them. Make a bucket list of places you want to visit. Most of all when you are around your friends and family be present, leave the phone in your pocket or in the room. 

There will be light at the end of the tunnel.

What outlook on your life will you change when this passes?


Josh Melendez

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